Len Valley Benefice

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News flash

We have just completed a series of Holy Week Talks entitled, "God- really?"

The first, "'Science is opposed to faith'- a delusion?" can be read here

The second, "Does a suffering world mean God is mean?" can be read here

The substance of the third, "Do Christians care about our environment now or heaven to come" will appear in a future Outlook Magazine article by Stephen Taylor

Easter was celebrated "Messy" in the square and church in Lenham.  Here's a particularly dodgy centurion....

Dodgy centurion with a much less dodgy child

After Easter, a super Christian Aid Brunch was organised:

Dog at brunchHumans at brunch

Starting on February 18th, we are examining Jesus' parables and asking what they mean for us today.  The series runs until 6th May, although we did pause to consider and celebrate Easter in the middle ☺️