Len Valley Benefice

everyone with a story of God's love

Messy Church 2018

Come and join the hunt at




·   eggzciting manhunt !

·   easter egg giveaway!

·   crafty fun!

·   music and story time

·   free refreshments !



more info 01622 850604

CALL  01622 850280


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Messy church usually happens four times through the year on a Saturday afternoon from 4pm - 6pm.

We enjoy activities, games, songs, prayers and food.
Come and have fun as we find out together about God's love for us.

Experience church in a new way designed to be fun, active and creative.
Messy church is church in a different form, which includes craft and family-friendly activities, and food as well as informal worship

Whether you belong to another church or are simply exploring the Christian faith, Messy Church is suitable for young and old, families and single people, friends and community as a whole.

Messy Church is a way of doing church in such a way that no matter your age or what stage you are at in your faith, you can be part of a community of people learning about God in a creative way.

For more information on the Messy Church ministry, resources and events, visit www.messychurch.org.uk