Len Valley Benefice

everyone with a story of God's love

We are the churches of

St Nicholas, Boughton Malherbe   
St John the Baptist, Harrietsham   CLICK to send email  (sjtbaptist@lvb.org.uk)
St Mary, Lenham
    CLICK to send email  (stmarylenham@lvb.org.uk)
All Saints, Ulcombe
CLICK to send email  (allsaintsulcombe@lvb.org.uk)

Our vision is
to touch everyone with God's love
By  living as the people of God's kingdom
so that everyone in the community has a story to tell of God's love as we reach out together in prayer, worship, teaching and generosity

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in our community had a story to tell of God’s love because the local church had helped them in some way? Perhaps they’d been visited when they were ill. Perhaps given some practical help, gardening, cleaning, fixing something or maybe some financial help.  Perhaps helped along the way to knowing God and experienceing forgiveness and freedom from guilt.  Perhaps someone prayed with them or for them.  Perhaps they experienced reconciliation with a neighbour or relative.  Our vision is to be the kind of church that lives out God’s call on our lives to love everyone in a way that our community will notice.  We want to be good news to those around us.

Wherever you live, you are welcome to join us in prayer, worship, communion and celebration in any of our churches.